Information Assurance
The reality of information assurance (IA) involves technological expertise as well as operational and management insight. Successful IA can only be achieved by a multi-faceted approach. Our understanding of this reality is born of many years experience in the field, often working on highly sensitive, mission critical networks.

Cyber-Security Certification and Compliance
Every network must be shielded from intruders. We are up-to-date with the very latest cybersecurity technologies, policies, procedures and methodologies.

Fractional Network Maintenance
Your network requires regular maintenance, monitoring and emergency technical support, but does that require another full-time, qualified and certified senior engineer to be on staff? With Granite GovNet, you have a partner that can provide the appropriate level of regular maintenance and monitoring.

NetScout Systems Integration
To get the most value, operational effectiveness and functionality out of your investment in gear and systems, let Granite GovNet provide our unparalleled engineering experience and ensure you’re deploying everything optimally and in full compliance with the latest IA standards and protocols.

Network Engineering
We are focused on network engineering. We offer the certified technical expertise and real-world operational experience of senior network engineers.